The Western Story Lecture #6: The Genres of Western Learning: Novels, Plays, Poems, Essays and Treatises


The Greeks, as the saying goes, had a word for it – and rules to go with it. Classical authors who worked within a given literary genre always followed those rules, which governed their vocabulary, meter, style, form, content and length. The modern world has rejected these rules in the name of freedom, but this has not served so much to free the author as to confuse him, and his audience too.


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Welcome to “The Western Story” — a journey 2,500 years in the making! In this series of easy-to-digest videos, Professor Victor Davis Hanson takes you through the world of the Greeks, Romans and more in an effort to better understand our modern world. Gaze into the mirror of antiquity to understand the present.


This product is Lecture #6 in an eight-part video lecture series. Available via online streaming only.