The Western Story Lecture #4: The Origins of the Western Mind: The Synthesis of Judaism, Christianity and Classical Learning


Why did Western civilization survive the fall of Rome? The answer, in part, is that Rome had become Christianized, thus infusing Western civilization with a Judeo-Christian spirituality that appealed to the Northern European “barbarians.” In embracing Christianity, the barbarians embraced Rome too. The synthesis with Judaism and Christianity assured the West’s survival.


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Welcome to “The Western Story” — a journey 2,500 years in the making! In this series of easy-to-digest videos, Professor Victor Davis Hanson takes you through the world of the Greeks, Romans and more in an effort to better understand our modern world. Gaze into the mirror of antiquity to understand the present.


This product is Lecture #4 in an eight-part video lecture series. Available via online streaming only.