The Odyssey of Western Civilization Lecture #4: Rome’s Fall: Continuation or a New Dark Age? (Streaming Video)


Rome thrived by gradually Romanizing the Mediterranean world: absorbing and assimilating conquered peoples and turning them into Roman citizens. But eventually Rome became a victim of its own success. As the empire grew ever larger, the homogenization process broke down. Shorn of its republican virtues, Rome lost its fighting edge. The city finally fell in 476 A.D. But was that really the end?


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Welcome to “The Odyssey of Western Civilization!” This visually rich and intellectually deep lecture series takes you on a tour of Western civilization — from the Greek and Roman empires to the British and American centuries, across time to the present.

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About The Odyssey of Western Civilization

In this eight-part series, Victor Davis Hanson locates its origins in classical Greece, then traces its progress from Greece to Rome; from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe; across the English Channel to Britain; and across the Atlantic to America. Eventually, in the 20th century, Western civilization seemed to lose faith in itself, and so currently we find ourselves stuck in the nihilistic dead end of postmodernism. But Hanson concludes the series with a hopeful prediction about the rebirth of the West.