Klavan and Whittle: Looney-Leftie Hollywood


Conservative pundits Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle both call Hollywood home. Yes, you read that right! This paradox is the central theme of five segments in which they lament the liberal nature of today’s entertainment industry. Klavan and Whittle also explain how their political beliefs have affected them in the industry, and they delve into the impact that Hollywood has on today’s culture.

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Hollywood used to make movies that celebrated American ideals. Somewhere along the way, Tinseltown took a hard left turn. Conservative pundits Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle — both of whom call Hollywood home — are the perfect people to talk about the ramifications of the entertainment industry’s liberal nature. Together, they try to pinpoint the moment that this shift happened. Klavan and Whittle also share personal stories of how their political beliefs possibly affected their entertainment careers. The conversation also delves into the outspoken nature of celebrities like Sean Penn, and the impact that Hollywood has on the culture and impressionable adolescents.


Andrew Klavan is an award-winning author, screenwriter and media commentator. He writes a column for PJMedia.com, and regularly appears on PJTV.com.

Bill Whittle is a writer, film director, TV editor and instrument-rated pilot. His show “Afterburner” on PJTV.com challenges widely held misconceptions about politics and society. Frequently asking the difficult ethical questions, Whittle attempts to underscore conservative values and philosophy through logical reasoning.

Klavan and Whittle come together to share their unique viewpoints and deep understanding of the issues facing America and the world today in PJTV’s “Klavan and Whittle” video series.