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President Trump's National Security Strategy Is a Game Changer

We wake up today to a different world. America is coming back. President Trump's 2017 National Security Strategy  turns "Make America Great Again" from a campaign slogan into a blueprint to restore America dominance. It is the most ambitious presidential initiative since the Reagan era, and in some ways even more ambitious, because in many respects America has to play catch-up. Accomplishing the far-reaching goals set forth in the report will be a challenge as great as this country ever has faced. But it is one hell of a beginning.

Asia Times obtained a draft copy of the report, and my summary was published on the Asia Times site. Some extracts:

In a speech later today, US President Donald Trump will propose a shift in US national security strategy more profound than any proposed by his predecessors since Ronald Reagan. According to a preliminary copy of the president’s 2017 National Security Strategy obtained by the Asia Times, Trump envisions a radical upgrade in the US industrial base, large-scale support for scientific and technical education, and rebuilding of infrastructure, in response to China’s economic and strategic challenge.