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John Kerry Should Ask President Morsi About Genital Mutilation

This is realpolitik of the most cynical sort, and bad realpolitik. The Muslim Brotherhood is a hybrid of pre-modern barbarism and 20th-century totalitarian vanguard party methods, whose objective is to subvert and overthrow America's allies in the region, notably Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Morsi's now-notorious televised outbursts of Jew-hatred illuminate his character.

It is one thing to pursue realpolitik, and another thing to pursue stupid realpolitik. It is yet another thing again to do so while purporting to defend the rights of women, without mentioning the most widespread and onerous violation of women's rights anywhere on the planet.

Kerry's attempt to herd the opposition into Morsi's camp in order to secure IMF funding has a very low probability of success in any case. Egypt's checks are bouncing with grain suppliers, and its wheat stockpiles are down to a bare three months' supply. Egypt imports half its food, and wheat is the main source of calories for the poor. The IMF is demanding an end to the food and fuel subsidies that have ballooned Egypt's government deficit to a sixth of GDP, but the elimination of the subsidies probably would provoke political chaos. U.S. diplomacy in Egypt will have puked over its principles for nothing.

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