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The CFR's Steven Cook Misrepresents Me

Worst of all, Dr. Cook claims that I am writing about Egypt for crude political motives: "Spengler/Goldman is not actually interested in understanding Egypt. No, this isn’t an intellectual enterprise: Spengler/Goldman is engaged in an ideological contest. His target? The Republican Party, for not hanging Egypt on President Obama."

I've been critical of the Republican Party leadership, to be sure, because the Republican mainstream wants to keep handing out taxpayers' money as well as F-16s and Abrams tanks to the Morsi government. The Obama administration's enthusiasm for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government has been unseemly, and I want Republicans to take a very different view.

The foreign policy establishment told us that the Arab Spring was the dawn of a glorious new era of democracy in that part of the world. The establishment was dead wrong. Now it tells us that Western taxpayers have to bail out Egypt -- a $22 billion annual bill, according to Bloomberg News. Reasonable people can argue about whether that is throwing good money after bad, or even worse, feeding the mouth that bites us. But Dr. Cook takes it as an article of faith that state failure in Egypt is unthinkable, and substitutes mendacious ad hominem attacks for argument. He doesn't do his position any good by smearing analysts who disagree with the establishment view. The shrillness of his screed suggests that he is aware of the weakness of his position.

I should add that Cook tries to tar the estimable Shoshana Bryen of the Jewish Policy Center with the same brush. It's an honor to take incoming next to Mrs. Bryen.