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NYC's Seegerfest: Celebrating Pete Seeger and His Reprehensible Politics

Belafonte noted that when Seeger’s hit group The Weavers began their climb to stardom, they hit the charts with the Israeli song “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena.” It was, he said, a song of the early Israeli defenders who fought to build their own land. Moving to today, Belafonte stated -- to the applause of many in the audience -- that little did Seeger know at the time that those very people would be killing an innocent Palestinian child on the shores of the ocean in Gaza, as well as other Palestinians fighting for their freedom.

He said not one word about the rockets of Hamas crashing down on Israel, the desire of Hamas to destroy the Jewish state, and the failure of Hamas to accept the Egyptian proposal for a peace treaty, one that was accepted by Israel and the United States.

Sadly, Belafonte’s anti-Israel activism and its goal of isolating Israel as a warmongering power was a view shared by Pete Seeger, whose would-be desire for peace and reconciliation stopped at the shores of Haifa and Tel Aviv. Clearly, in Belafonte’s eyes, the enemy in the world is Israel and, although this time he did not say it publicly, the United States as well.