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Thank You, Gov. Rick Perry: The Debate with Sen. Rand Paul Over U.S. Foreign Policy

If some unfairly label their opponents “isolationist” and do not address the actual arguments they make, that is wrong. But it is also wrong for Paul to argue that those who want some kind of firm U.S. response to Islamic extremism are advocates of “sending our sons and daughters to war.”

Not too long ago, Barack Obama announced that al-Qaeda is “diminished” and that “the tide of war is receding.” Those statements have been proven false. Can we really inoculate ourselves from those bent on destroying us? If you as an American believe our nation is really not at war, and that Iran has only peaceful intentions and does not want a nuclear weapon, or that ISIS and al-Qaeda are not a threat to our security,  you are living in an illusory world.

Rand Paul may indeed gain popularity with his comfortable isolationist position. (Sorry, Senator: I know you consider it a pejorative, but it’s accurate.) If the Republicans nominate him as their presidential candidate, it will be a disaster in the making. They will be giving up a traditionally strong argument for their party -- that Republicans will protect our national security. They will be aligning themselves with the left-wing of the already leftist Democrats, where peace at any price has been, for a long time, the popular policy to espouse.

So thank you Governor Perry, for daring to make the case for a strong foreign policy early in the day before the Republican primaries, giving Republican voters time to think over these important issues before they cast a vote for Rand Paul.