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The New America Foundation Disgraces Itself and Spreads Anti-Israel Hatred


NAF is funded by some of the most prominent corporations, institutions, and well-known individuals, as NAF’s “Our Funding” page reveals. The list includes the U.S. Department of State, which evidently gives it funds from the taxp dollars, to the tune of over 1 million. One will also find quite a few Jewish groups and individuals on the list.

All of this raises an interesting question. At a time when the Obama administration is putting into effect a very, very bad deal with Iran, and incurring the just opposition of our ally Israel, and John Kerry is busy trying to again force Israel into making concessions to promote another round of meaningless Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, how related is NAF’s decision to sponsor a book talk by Blumenthal to the administration’s new agenda? Does someone who plans events at NAF believe that this is the time to portray Israel in the harshest light possible, in the hopes that it will turn public opinion against Israel, and thereby gain approval for foreign policy measures opposed to Israel’s need for security?

For those who still believe that the advocates of American liberalism are honest and have decent principles to uphold, the decision to publicize this vile book by an out-and-out hater of Israel should be eye-opening. I hope that those who still call themselves liberal or progressive and who have a shred of decency, especially those who are affiliated with or regularly attend the New America Foundation events and programs, call them and protest their decision to have Blumenthal for a book forum. Anyone with a drop of common sense knows the book is not anything like the words they use in their announcement to describe it. One might indeed describe it more accurately as a travesty of good journalism meant to incite hatred and disdain for the very existence of Israel.

Is this really the kind of book the New America Foundation and its supporters want to be identified with?