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American Leftists Journey to Syria in Support of Assad: The Strange Case of Ramsey Clark

Like Vladimir Putin, the Answer Coalition -- a front group for a Trotskyist split known as the Workers World Party -- has argued that the chemical warfare used in Syria came from rebel forces, not from Bashar al-Assad: “It seems clear that the Assad regime did not carry out this chemical attack,” said WWP spokesman Caleb Maupin.

Have no doubt about the morality of Ramsey Clark. Ian Williams nails it:

In Grenada he went to advise Bernard Coard, the murderer of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Other clients include Radovan Karadzic, the indicted Bosnian Serbian war criminal whom he defended in a New York civil suit brought by Bosnian rape victims, and the Rwandan pastor who is accused of telling Tutsis to hide in his church and then summoning Hutus to massacre them, and then leading killing squads.

All this is done in the name of anti-imperialism, and a desire to build the perfect utopian socialist society. Clark’s absurdity is more notable because of the monsters he chooses to support, but his actions define the very nature of the revolutionary socialist perspective: all is justifiable when done on behalf of the desire to create the perfect society, in which all conflict ends and people live in peace and harmony. As they say, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs."

Conservatives know that the human condition is flawed, that there can be no perfect society built by men according to schemes dreamed up from the likes of Karl Marx and the other “scientific socialists.” The only religion Clark likes -- you guessed it -- is Islam. As he puts it: "[Islam] is probably the most compelling spiritual and moral force on earth today.”

Outside, of course, of Marxism-Leninism, the philosophy of the Workers World Party.

Whenever atrocities and murders are waged by self-proclaimed warriors for “the people,” be they undertaken by communists or radical Islamists, you can be sure Ramsey Clark and his fellow defenders of the masses will come to their defense.