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How the Death of Saul Landau, a Supporter of Repressive Communist Regimes, Is Celebrated by Major U.S. Newspapers

Recently, in his January 10 post written with Danny Glover, the two refer to American Alan Gross -- imprisoned by Castro for trying to bring computers to Cuba's small Jewish community -- as a man “tried to set up non-traceable satellite systems inside Cuba as part of an effort to subvert its government.”

The imprisoned Cuban spies, tried and convicted of espionage in an American court of law, however, are viewed simply as Cubans who came to try to stop bombing attempts against the Cuban government in Havana by exile groups -- which justified their actions.

In a 2012 entry, Landau condemns Israel for using “its superior military force and technology to kill civilians in Gaza,”and he supports Turkey’s prime minister in calling Israel “a terrorist state.”

Finally, if you want to see how the crazed Leftist Landau saw the world, you have only to read this from a blog at the time of the overthrow of Gaddafi’s government in Libya:

The Saudi King, the rulers of Bahrain, Yemen, the UAE, and Syria more than threatened their opposition: their repressive forces opened fire. Israel routinely kills alleged Palestinian “rebels,” has 10,000 Palestinians locked up and routinely destroys Palestinian homes and entire villages. It sent troops to intercept and kill members of an aid flotilla in international waters under the guise of protecting its security. Yet, Obama raised the horror of Gaddafi possibly attacking his own people. How humanitarian of him, the relatives of the millions of Korean and Vietnamese civilians killed in those wars most Americans cannot explain -- never could.

From everything Saul Landau has done, in words or film, his record is clear: he was a defender of totalitarianism, an enemy of American democracy, and a supporter of Marxist-Leninist regimes and Communist revolution.

What an era we live in. Glowing and uncritical obituaries are written of a man who was a moral monster.