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Obama Undercuts His Secretary of State on Syria, While the UK Abandons Ship

The Guardian, the Left’s favorite British newspaper, reports that Miliband was upset that one major government figure told the London Times that   "No. 10 [Downing Street] and the Foreign Office think Miliband is a fucking cunt and a copper-bottomed shit." Those Brits don’t mince words.

Evidently, before he gave in and abandoned intervention, Cameron complained that in effect Miliband was standing with Russia and not with his own government and its interests. As for Miliband, they reported that he had signed on regarding action against Syria, only to move away from it at the 11th hour. Cameron now has only weak statements to make stressing that his government will not abandon its responsibilities to stop Syria from using chemical weapons, and he has to pledge that there are other ways to pressure them without warfare.

As usual, no one has stated Obama’s problem more clearly than Charles Krauthammer in his syndicated column. The question for our president, he writes, is “about applying American power to do precisely what you know deny this is about -- helping Assad go, as you told the world he must.” If he no longer means what he once said repeatedly, Krauthammer writes, Obama should  “just send Assad a text message. You might incur a roaming charge, but it’s still cheaper than a three-day, highly telegraphed, perfectly useless demonstration strike.”

It is not surprising that Assad’s 10-year-old son mocks the U.S. on his Facebook page. Even the youngster can sense that with President Obama, his father and the regime he leads have little to fear.

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