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The March on Washington, 50 Years Later: How the American Left Remembers It

Of course, being a leftist, Dreier automatically favors cutting the defense budget, since he obviously believes America has no external threats and does not need any defense at all. Even for someone like him, however, it is an insult to King’s memory to write that he “would probably be working with unions, religious organizations and activist groups such as Code Pink to cut the defense budget.” To anyone who thinks the antics of Code Pink, led by the extremist radical leftist Medea Benjamin, have anything in common with what King believed is delusional.

Dreier is also sure that King would be supportive of the campaign for a higher minimum wage, the anti-Walmart movement, boycotting the Gap, etc. One could just as well argue that King might have taken the time to read serious black authors like Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele, and even consult with Dr. Ben Carson, and have ended up reevaluating some of his early left-leaning ideas and concepts. King, after all, was not averse to challenging his conceptions, and he might have concluded that the much-heralded Great Society programs he once favored had failed, and that new approaches had to be taken to deal with the question of poverty and the road to restoring equality of opportunity.

Professor Dreier concludes that the best way to honor King’s memory “is to continue his struggle for social justice.” That term, which should be quickly retired, is the Left’s euphemism for adhering to bankrupt liberal/left bromides that have failed to solve the very problems its adherents believe they are addressing.

Let us honor Dr. King’s heroic fight against racism in our past, and honor his desire to right the wrongs that still exist by coming up with our own programs and ideas based on conservative principles. The surest way to guarantee further defeat is to pursue the goals enunciated by Peter Dreier.