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The Continuing Edward Snowden Saga: The Traitor in Limbo

More than likely, Snowden is carefully considering his options, waiting to travel until his various grants for asylum come through, and for friendly left-wing nations like Cuba and Venezuela to agree to let him fly there en route to his preferred nation of asylum, Ecuador. Or, perhaps he is still hoping Iceland comes through for him. If not, those of us concerned with his well-being can hope, of course, that Kim Jong Un will seize the opportunity and offer him asylum in the paradise of North Korea. Judging from that recent photo of pretend students sitting in front of computer screens but actually doing nothing, little Kim could put Snowden’s talents to very good use modernizing their hacking expertise.

Snowden, we now understand, is not a whistle-blower, a protector of our civil liberties, or a hero. He is instead an opponent of our country, and a man who violated oaths he took and actively tried to harm our nation’s security. He should be brought back to the United States, tried in a court of law by a jury of his peers, and face the consequences of his own actions.

Sadly, he is more than likely to sit out the rest of his life in one of those nations whose governments would like nothing more than to spit in the face of the United States. It is not the time, it seems, when the United States has the respect it once had elsewhere in the world.