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Balancing National Security and Civil Liberties: A Guide to the Debate

The NSA, he argues, does a good job in collating data that can prevent terrorism. At the same time, Goldberg says with wit and understatement, the NSA “apparently didn’t understand, or care, that a disaffected, self-aggrandizing 29-year-old libertarian had seemingly untrammeled access to some of its most highly classified programs. How can the White House assure us that they’re protecting the country from terrorism if the NSA can’t protect its own secrets?”

Before you leave, check out a piece at TNR.com by Robert Chesney and Benjamin Wittes, and another article very critical of Snowden by Marc Tracy, who points out he may have endangered other CIA covert operatives working abroad.

If anything, the issues involved are complex and difficult, and there are no easy answers. So where, dear readers, do you stand? Is the NSA program that Snowden revealed necessary and limited, or overbearing and dangerous? It’s up to you, and to all of us, to think carefully and to let our leaders in Congress and especially the White House know.


WaPo Quietly Changes Key Details in NSA Story