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Memo to NBC News: Time to Fire Rev. Al Sharpton!

[jwplayer config="pjm_lifestyle" mediaid="43103"]

One other point must be made about Sharpton’s comments made for the documentary. First, he says, incredulously, that “something happened,” as he tries to imply that perhaps Brawley was right in her original charges. Second, he goes on to argue -- and you must watch him say this in the video -- that even if you think he is wrong, he acted because of his commitment “to social justice”!

Sharpton does not seem to realize it, but he is saying that “the end justifies the means,” the old apologia all leftist radicals use to explain away their most heinous acts. The holy grail of seeking “social justice” excuses anything, even false accusations that led to the suicide of one person and the end of a career for another. Beware of those who invoke social justice as the explanation for their actions. It is always the smokescreen to hide those who seek to exploit and inflame the discontents of the poor in order to advance their own careers.

Yes, MSNBC is an upfront leftist news organization. Joe Scarborough, who regularly is balanced by the usual assortment of leftists and liberals, is the rare exception -- the token conservative hired because he once was in Congress and has ties to the Hill and many friends to call upon for interviews and as guests. The network last year took the step of firing Pat Buchanan, whose upfront paleoconservative views offended the network honchos, and whose latest book at the time was accused of racism.

Nothing Buchanan wrote or did, however, compared one iota with the offenses of Al Sharpton, which continue unabated to this day. It is time that NBC do what they did to Buchanan. It is time to fire Sharpton, for he has made clear in his unwarranted defense of his actions in the Brawley case that he has learned nothing, and that he is still a purveyor of inflammatory racial charges that undermine any remaining credibility needed for the position of a news network anchor.

So, take your pens to hand, and write NBC News demanding that Al Sharpton be fired. Even an avowed leftist network has to be called to account when it crosses the line and tries to give a classic demagogue a position on its news staff.