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Memo to NBC News: Time to Fire Rev. Al Sharpton!


There was some justice for the family of the dead police officer and for the unjustly accused Pagones. The two lawyers working for Brawley, Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason -- both radical New York leftists -- had their law licenses revoked. But as we know, despite a long record of outrageous, racially charged actions carried out by Sharpton, which Stevens summarizes for us, the activist’s career began to skyrocket.

Sharpton became a media celebrity, a kingmaker of Democratic Party politics, and the man all candidates had to grovel before in order to get approval because he had succeeded in anointing himself as the self-proclaimed leader of America’s black community. Yet Sharpton continued to reveal his antisemitism, continued to make false charges on other issues, and, as Stevens puts it so well, he “spent decades vomiting hate, leaving innocent victims in his wake.” And as PJ Media readers well know, he has continued his role in the protests he organized at the time of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Once again, Sharpton sought to inflame racial hatred and to reach judgment before all the facts were known, in essence repeating the kind of actions he took decades ago in the Brawley episode.