The Rehabilitation of New Left Terrorists

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, I had a book review appear regarding the high school I attended in the 1950s in New York City, which the editors appropriately titled “Fast Times at Lenin High.” I mention it here, because both Angela Davis and Kathy Boudin went to that school.

In those years it was staffed almost entirely by teachers who belonged to the American Communist Party or were its fellow travelers, and any leftist proclivities learned at home were reinforced by the teaching staff.

Now, the kind of warped political education I received at that institution has become the norm for the culture at large. Even conservatives have proven vulnerable to it. Yesterday, Robert Redford appeared on Joe Scarborough’s morning TV program: Scarborough waxed ecstatic about the brilliant film Redford had made, offering not one word of criticism and accepting his own portrayal of its accuracy.

So: this coming week we have evidence of how our culture is rewarding the worst elements of the far left: New Left revolutionary terrorists are given university teaching jobs; those who are given space in major media spin their own story dishonestly, yet it is bought by gullible interviewers; and two new movies resurrect both the Weather Underground and a Stalinist hack who believes in “the science of Marxism-Leninism”.


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