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The Rehabilitation of New Left Terrorists

If all the above is not enough: this Friday at AMC theater chains, a new documentary movie opens about the Communist and Black Panther revolutionary activist Angela Davis. It's called: Free Angela Davis and all Political PrisonersDirected by filmmaker Shola Lynch, it has the support and financial backing of Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of the actor Will Smith.

As the article about it makes very clear, it is out and out Communist propaganda, the kind we have not seen in decades.

Once reserved for small leftist outfits, which made scores of Black Panther propaganda films in the '60s, now a major chain sees fit to put out such drivel for mass consumption in the hope that a new generation -- already raised at our colleges and universities in the world of leftist falsehood -- will believe the portrait painted in the movie.

This morning, The Daily Beast/Newsweek compounds its free publicity given to totalitarians and terrorists with a tribute to the Angela Davis movie, written by Allison Samuels.

Samuels glorifies Davis -- yet does not let readers hear any of the letters Davis wrote, which were presented to the jury by the prosecution and which paint Davis as rather crazed and committed to armed struggle. It was time to pick up guns, off some "pigs," and make a real revolution in America, and so forth.

Instead, readers get platitudes about Davis' would-be commitment to "change and political power." Samuels writes:

"She never apologized for her politics or her associations and she always looked fabulous doing it,’’ says Pinkett Smith, referencing Davis’s memorable and perfectly coifed afro that remained a symbol of black pride throughout the ’70s. In the documentary, directed and deftly written by Shola Lynch, Davis herself gets to recount the politics and actions that branded her a terrorist and while at the same time spurred a worldwide movement calling for her freedom as a political prisoner.

Pinkett Smith explains how she got involved and what she knew about Davis beforehand:

Through my family and also once I became really good friends with Tupac Shakur, that’s really when I got pretty educated about the Black Panther movement. Of course, Angela Davis being a very prominent figure during that particular era. So that’s when I became a really big fan.

Now, Pinkett-Smith believes:

Angela Davis [has] become the figure of freedom and justice not only in our country but around the world.

The truth is the opposite. She is only regarded as such by the far left in this country. Davis is despised by all those who formerly lived in the Communist world of real oppression -- a system which Davis supported, and whose repression against dissidents she completely approved of.