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The Rehabilitation of New Left Terrorists

They meant to destroy SDS and to transform it into the basis for a domestic guerilla army, which would “make the Revolution,” as they used to say. They incited the left to engage in this war.

The naïve Marlow Stern allows Ayers to paint his movement in terms other than the ones which they themselves claimed it stood for in the '60s and '70s.

Contrary to what Ayers argues now, and which Redford believes, they were not part of the anti-war movement. They sought Revolution at home, and victory to the Vietcong and all revolutionary movements abroad.

As David Horowitz points out in a not-yet-printed letter to the editor of The Daily Beast -- and Horowitz is perhaps our nation’s leading expert on the New Left -- the interviewer allows Ayers to wrap himself around the civil rights movement and the anti-war forces in order to exculpate himself from the crimes of which he was guilty. And as for the claim that they never hurt anyone -- there are scores of actual deaths and bombings they took credit for, but for which no one was ever arrested. As for the others, like the planned Fort Dix bombing in which their leadership blew themselves up in a West 10th Street townhouse, it was not for want of trying that no one was murdered.