The Rehabilitation of New Left Terrorists

Ironically, in the very first issue of The Daily Beast, Tina Brown opted to open it with a tough anti-Ayers essay by Paul Berman, who called Ayers “the stupidest man in America, politically speaking; always is, always was.” To those who claimed he was just an anti-war and civil rights activist, Berman correctly wrote:

But, hey, Prof. Ayers is, in fact, an unrepentant terrorist. As for "lunatic leftist," why, if this phrase does not apply to Ayers, it applies to no one.

Like Horowitz today, Berman concluded:

The armed left-wing movements of those years claimed to be the champions of black advancement, and yet made a point of destroying the actual black people who were advancing.

For today's piece, Brown assigned the interview with Ayers to one Marlow Stern, who clearly knows nothing about Ayers, and hence allows him to get away with a complete whitewash of his actual record.

Ms. Stern: the Weatherman was created with a formal “Declaration of War” against “Amerikkka.” Their goal was to start a race war in the United States, which is why, in her famous speech, Dohrn made a hero of Charles Manson.