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The Stone and Kuznick Roadshow: Why Their Message Must Be Answered

Stone talks largely on how he decided to deal with doing the film -- dispensing with talking heads and using footage bolstered by his own stentorian voice, using music and other emphasis at various points to show approval or disapproval of what was depicted in the footage used.

On the issue of historical truth, he again gave his usual pitch that the film had been thoroughly vetted for accuracy. Although one thinks he must really know that CBS lawyers do not go over a film for its treatment of history, but only to see that nothing libelous is said about any living figure. If one could sue for distortion of history, I guarantee that there would be a lot of people standing in line to bring charges.

When asked later what he hoped to get out of the series and book, he answered that “our hope is that our book replaces all existing college textbooks.”

He mentioned that some professors already were assigning it as the textbook for their classes. Kuznick added that even Stone’s daughter used a textbook that said the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary and was done to save American lives.

Finally, the moderator said that there would be a few questions from the audience in the remaining time. Most of course were approving, but one stood out for me because of the answer Kuznick gave to the question: What did they think, the two were asked, of Kim Jong-Un’s warlike blustering and his threat of using force against South Korea and even brandishing the threat of using nuclear weapons?

Any rational person, of course, would immediately condemn North Korea’s current dangerous actions.

Not the two of them, however.

Kuznick replied that although he did not approve of what Kim Jong-Un and the North Koreans were doing, “it was understandable because it was a response to the United States military actions aiding South Korea in recent days.”

He then went on a tirade about how the U.S. decimated both South and North Korea in the days of the Korean War, used napalm as they did later in Vietnam, and generally harmed the people of Korea, something that he thought the North Koreans well remembered, which is why they view the United States and the South Koreans in a hostile fashion.

As usual with leftist ideologues, any bad things said by Communist rulers is excused and explained as a just or understandable response to American aggression. Clearly, to both men, the U.S. is “the evil empire.”

The next morning, we appeared to a rather small group at our counter-session. I was pleased that those who came did so because they got our leaflet, and there were defenders of Stone and Kuznick with whom I was able to argue with and show at length how they distorted history to use it as a vehicle to implement a leftist political agenda.

The video of our session will be available soon at the AIM website, and I will add a link to this post when it appears in a week or so.

As I have argued before, in the presentation you can see at Frontpagemag.com, winning the fight for the culture is a critical issue. Once Stone and Kuznick get their essentially old-line Communist film into all regular cable outlets and the book is adopted as a text, it will begin to have the same insidious effect that Howard Zinn’s propagandist screed had on high schools students as well as young college students.

The goal of Stone and Kuznick is to distort our history in order to indoctrinate students and to turn them into opponents of the United States -- essentially, to create a new generation of activists who will help bring down the free nation we live in.

To them, history is not a tool to understand our past, but a mechanism of indoctrination in which lies -- about the Cold War, in this case -- are used to turn the young against their own country. That is why opposing them is important, and why we cannot stop in waging the fight against those who help spread their lies only because they see money in it.

Lenin famously quipped that the Bolsheviks would “sell the capitalists the rope with which we will hang them.” In sponsoring Stone and Kuznick’s lies, Showtime and now Time Warner are proving Lenin prophetic.