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Why Conservatives Should be Critical of Obama's Middle Eastern policy, but No Longer Attack him as an Enemy of Israel

Tobin is right when he ends with the following:

Though it would have been more useful for him to preach peace to Palestinian students than to a handpicked group of left-wing Israelis, the lengths to which he went to demonstrate his support for Israel must be acknowledged and applauded.

Of course J Street will do just that, but we must move one step ahead: use his words to push him further towards reality, and not approach him as many of us have done -- as an enemy of Israel.

How Obama acts regarding Iran and Abbas will show if his deeds match his words. But to continue to act as if he is an enemy of Israel is both counter-productive and tactically wrong, and will only alienate from both Israelis and American Jews those conservatives who continue to act in such a manner. If Obama makes a wrong move, then call him on it. But encourage him to -- as a friend of Israel -- do what has to be done to secure the future of the Jewish state.