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Steven Brill and 'Time' Explore the Health Crisis in America: A Must Read for all Americans

Some will disagree with Brill’s conclusions. Again, I wait for policy experts to evaluate his article and to discuss their areas of agreement and disagreement. But I think every American who uses health care services -- and this means all of us -- should read Brill’s article and evaluate his findings. And next time you go to a hospital, look at the actual bill the hospital submitted to your insurance company. Be prepared for a shock.


It turns out that this cover story was originally supposed to be the cover story for the re-launch issue two weeks ago of The New Republic, which instead ran the now famous softball interview with Obama. Michael Calderone reported the following at Huffington Post:

By his account, Brill met last June with New Republic editor Franklin Foer, who spoke about relaunching the publication and his determination “to make it a different type of Washington magazine that would do nitty-gritty long-form journalism.” Brill said he told Foer that he’s always wanted to write something about why health care costs so much. “I wanted to follow the money and get the price tag,” Brill recalled. He said that Foer offered him “a ton of money” to write that piece as the cover story for the relaunch issue and promised significant promotion for it.

He also wrote the following:

Brill said his only early concern about the piece came up in email conversations with Foer and Hughes, in which the editors referred to it as “the single-payer article” -- a description Brill felt didn’t capture the thrust of the piece and falsely suggested he was taking an editorial position in favor of a single-payer health care option.

Indeed, readers of Brill's article will find that he strongly opposes a single-payer solution for the health crisis, putting him at odds with the left wing of the Democratic Party and evidently TNR's new editor as well. Brill now calls editor and TNR owner Chris Hughes a liar, and proclaims that he will never write for the magazine again. So you can call this "the article the New Republic would not run."