The New New Republic: House Organ of the Obama Administration and Martin Peretz's Forthright Condemnation

Now, with their new first issue featuring a softball interview with the president -- a lovefest to his presidency by a publisher and editor-in-chief who served on his 2008 election campaign -- and a second issue with a facile and extreme denunciation of Republicans as racist by Tanenhaus, its true colors are clear. The cover, one obviously taken from the White Album, reveals the new TNR -- all hat, no cattle. It’s slick, larger and better print, and glossier paper. Within its pages, a very clear lack of any real substance.

Hughes is trying to rescue the magazine by lowering its subscription price from close to $100 a year to $35, and by throwing out ideas such as starting a network of TNR stores that will sell the magazine along with coffee and items with the magazine’s logo. Somewhere, Walter Lippmann, Herbert Croly, and the contributors Peretz mentions -- the likes of Virginia Woolf, Reinhold Niebuhr, Rebecca West, and John Maynard Keynes -- are looking at the magazine and wondering: “What is this strange rag using the name of our old venerable publication? We simply don’t recognize it.”

So long, TNR, you will be missed.