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What Was the Meaning of President Obama's Second Inaugural Address?

He pledged to “support democracy from Asia to Africa,” but what that means -- when replacing a tyrant in Syria who he at first claimed was a reformer with the radical Islamist group that is likely to emerge with Assad’s defeat, as it is in Libya with Qaddafi now gone -- is not addressed by reiteration of a meaningless pledge that we support democracy.

Some will warm to Obama’s call to “act in our time” and to not “treat name-calling as reasoned debate.” But do we really expect those of our friends on the left to cease their name-calling, and to rationally debate the issues? Somehow, I think my skepticism on this point is well-taken.

As Democrats party tonight in our nation’s capital and Republicans leave town for a day’s retreat from the limelight, we all will soon face having to deal with the very real problems that at this moment remain to be solved. We move together as one people and nation, albeit one that is divided at the core, with half the nation favoring solutions that differ remarkably from those advocated by our commander-in-chief and his party’s base. Let us wish that President Obama, with the help of a Republican House of Representatives and a Democratic Senate, manages to move in such a way that we do not in the next four years slip farther away from our moorings.