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Why There Cannot Be a Decent Left: An Answer to Richard Landes

The proof, as David Horowitz writes, is disappearance and disregard of the Euston Manifesto, a statement of some British and European leftists in defense of Israel and Western democracy. When it was published, it got a flurry of press reports on the day it was issued, and then was quickly forgotten about. The American version had a group of prominent signers, but went completely unnoticed. Some of its signers were affiliated with The New Republic, which since the manifesto’s publication has all but abandoned its once liberal hawkish principles and fired its most prominent defender of Israel, its former publisher and editor-in-chief Martin Peretz. Now, in his place, one sees regular columns by John Judis such as the most recent one attacking Mitt Romney as a dreaded neocon.

The truth is that the Left in the West, including our own Left, is largely anti-American, favorable to extremist radical social movements, and sees any one or group who is not on its side as not only incorrect, but morally evil. The answer to Michael Walzer’s own query is still the same: it would be nice if there was a decent Left, but its small and ineffectual numbers prove that its creation is something that will never take place.