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Maureen Dowd's Rosh Hashanah Message to American Jews: Stop Being "Puppet Masters" of the Republicans

I wish Tobin was right, but I’m sad to say, I think he is wrong. Dowd’s column will be attributed only to Dowd, although the Obama campaign has evidently sent it around in Twitter messages. While some recent polls suggest that Obama may get less of the Jewish vote than he previously obtained in 2008, most Jewish voters will still vote for and support him. They will do so out of agreement with his liberal and leftist policies, and not because of any stance Obama has taken vis-à-vis Israel.

And that, indeed, is something that to my mind calls for a political psychiatry. Roger L. Simon has written in these pages recently about the “slavish” commitment of American Jews to the Democratic Party, something that goes back to the days of FDR. He hopes that recent events will cause many of them to move away from the Democrats and to reconsider their position, as he did himself. I hope that happens, but I am sanguine about the possibility.  To most liberal Jews I know, being a supporter of Democrats is a given alongside their religion.  Nothing that has taken place yet, I think, will cause a change in their belief system.


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