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The Case of Judith Butler: The Anti-Semitism that Defines Today's Western Left

That is precisely the point. And that is because the new anti-Semitism -- masquerading as anti-Zionism -- is the mantra of today’s left. The few social-democrats who support Israel, like Michael Walzer, Norm Geras, and Richard Landes, are few and far between. They are virtually a voice crying in the wilderness, and they have not succeeded in mitigating the anti-Semitism coming from today’s left.

As Daniel Pipes has written:

The burgeoning alliance of Western leftists and Islamists ranks as one of today's most disturbing political developments, one that impedes the West's efforts to protect itself. When Stalin and Hitler made their infamous pact in 1939, the Red-Brown alliance posed a mortal danger to the West and, indeed, to civilization itself. Less dramatically but no less certainly, the coalition today poses the same threat. As seven decades ago, this one must be exposed, rejected, resisted, and defeated.

Perhaps Judith Butler tomorrow will address the pleas of her fellow critics on the left, especially Richard Landes. But judging from Landes’ op-ed in today’s European edition of The Wall Street Journal, Butler has ignored his passionate open letter to her. As he and Benjamin Weinthal write:

For Ms. Butler, anything that opposes Western power can be defended. It does not seem to concern her that in so doing, she betrays every constituency she claims to celebrate -- lesbians, gays, women, Jews, and other diasporic minorities. Their problems, it seems, are always the fault of oppressive "colonial" powers.

That is the mindset of today’s left, which is why so many of us who once inhabited its precincts have departed from its ranks.

The logic of the left is the same logic its ancestors used to defend Stalinism in its heyday -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the enemy of the left is Western democracy, as it exists in both the United States and Israel. Butler’s anti-Americanism and anti-Israel posturing defines the left.

Isn’t it time for good men like Landes and Geras to face reality, and to stop trying to get the left to change its tune? The fight to defend Israel must henceforth include the effort to fight the left, whose agenda, as always has been the case, leads to horrendous ends.