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What's with Those 'Socialist Summer Camps' Anyway? Here's the Truth

The camp newsletter reports:

In Brooklyn get dozens of emails every day from our far flung friends involved in various progressive activities: Kinderlanders protesting pipelines, fracking, illegal frisking, Kinderlanders promoting fair wages, health care reform, union and workers rights. It‘s always good to start the day knowing how many of us are out there working for and caring about ways to build a better world. Over a particular few weeks we kept getting bulletins from Zuccotti Park near Wall Street; we knew something powerful was happening there, and soon we, along with the rest of the world, were witnessing the astonishing set of events known as Occupy Wall Street.


Dozens and dozens of Kinderland campers, staff, alumni and friends turned out to raise their voices and declare the power and the promise of the 99%. We Shall Not Be Moved; Banks of Marble; Solidarity Forever and This Land Is Your Land rang out, along with a catalogue of other high spirited movement hymns. We sang for hours, our songsheets making their way far beyond our Kinderland circle in ever widening ripples, till it seemed the whole park was singing along. It was a day of continuity and hope, as our youngest campers sang alongside alumni grandparents; as the words of the lyrics we sing all summer at camp took on new life and new meaning in the context of the Occupy movement spreading throughout the nation and the world. It really did feel like a new world might be born in the ashes of the old.

So the camp indeed keeps on with the tradition of nourishing a new generation of little Commies, the very purpose for which it was first created by the CPUSA in the 1920s. It is certainly as they brag: “True to the vision of its founders."

And let us end with Rachel Maddow, who writes:

Yes, conservative media is now interested in the historical roots of summer camps where obscure administration nominees used to send their kids. We can only hope lengthy congressional hearings begin immediately. And the right wonders why it's so difficult to take conservative media outlets seriously.

Personally, I wonder if Maddow will consider telling the truth about these camps and the role they played in politicizing a whole slew of young leftists, ever ready to carry on the battles of their grandparents and parents in the 21st Century. She calls them “liberal Jewish summer camps.” Hey, Rachel, they weren’t liberal -- they were Communist. But you know that, don’t you?