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What 'Socialist' Policies Will Do To America if Barack Obama has a Second Term

As the story notes:

The government needs to make up a gap of 6 billion to 10 billion euros, or $7.5 billion to $12.5 billion, this year to bring the budget deficit down to 4.5 percent of gross domestic product, according to the national audit office, the Cour des Comptes. To meet a 3 percent target in 2013, an additional $41.2 billion in tax revenue and spending cuts will have to be found, the auditors said.

Rather than seek to increase productivity and to reform the antiquated social policies that lead to educated youth facing a future without a job market, their answer is the traditional one favored by the sectarian Left -- getting it from the hides of the wealthy. They do not comprehend that some businesses will fail, that others will be forced to hire fewer workers and fire some already hired. Of course, as Erlanger’s story notes:

Companies have complained that already thin profit margins are being hit and that France is losing competitiveness in a global market. The auditors said the same, and urged structural changes to better calibrate social welfare benefits to deal with France’s aging population and reduce the debt.

Reality, it seems, does not affect the mindset of ideologues. So the French Socialist Party ignores good advice and gets the votes from a population that wants something for nothing. The French state, Mr. Erlanger wrote last Sunday, “represents 56.6 percent of gross domestic product,” and its bureaucrats seek to protect it, since the Socialist Party is  made up of academics and bureaucrats who work in state and government offices.

In the same manner, the heart of the Democratic Party today is not the blue-collar worker of FDR and Truman’s day, but the teachers' unions and the other public sector unions who compose the bulk of convention delegates and who play the same role in the Democratic Party that the state workers in France who belong to the Socialist Party do. Erlanger quotes one French editor who admits that “Socialism here is very statist.” I’m sure if I were to search, I would find an editor who would say the same about the Democratic Party as now constituted in this country.

Just as Mr. Hollande wants to hire more teachers, raise the minimum wage, and create a state bank, the Obama administration is seeking to implement policies through control of the state that will have the same result as Hollande’s policies in France. Just look at Obamacare and what is in store for us if it is implemented.

If Barack Obama wins a second term, I fear our once great country will move further down the road to authoritarian statism, discarding the fundamentals of our Constitution and eroding the heart of our nation. So let us get out the message, put aside our dissatisfaction with the Romney campaign, and do what we must to defeat Barack Obama come election day.