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How the Left Spins the Walker Victory

The fight, then, is not against organized labor but rather the outworn and elite labor groups who benefit from the hard work of everyone else -- including their brethren in the private sector. And even public workers seem to get this, since once Walker’s reforms went into effect, so many of them chose with their pocketbooks to drop union membership.

So the Left is wrong. John Nichols at The Nation is wrong when he writes that “Walker’s economic policies didn’t work. But his advertisements did.” Ben Adler is wrong when he writes that the Walker victory,

merely shows that the unlimited spending unleashed by the Republican appointees on the Supreme Court has given Republicans a tremendous spending advantage and that does make a difference.

So that is their simple answer: The Republicans spent more. They can ignore everything else that stands in the way of their inability to see why they were defeated. Every left-wing site makes that point alone, and repeats it endlessly. They have no other explanation.

No wonder. As the Left sees things, they are correct and represent the real people. When those they claim to speak for vote against them, the only reaction they have is bewilderment. And so they come up with one answer their followers can understand — the rich bought the outcome.

If they are right, the American people are stupid. Perhaps the electorate knows something the Left does not. But don’t expect them to grasp that simple truth.