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How Cory Booker Deflated the Obama Team's Main Campaign Issue

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party poobahs quickly forced Booker into making a series of embarrassing explanation videos, in which the very popular mayor had to appear to backtrack and virtually plead with his constituency to understand that it is fair game to go after Romney’s claim to be a man who would create, rather than destroy, jobs. As Booker later said in one of his videos,

Mitt Romney has made his business record a centerpiece of his campaign. He has talked about himself as a job creator. Therefore, it is reasonable for the Obama campaign to examine that record and discuss it.

The above is certainly true, but as anyone could see, Booker was really not backtracking on his opposition to making Bain Capital an issue. If anything, Booker’s reluctant appearance on videos meant to save face for the Obama campaign only showed their desperation and hardball tactics, and emphasized that Axelrod clearly feared the truth of Booker’s views as he spoke them spontaneously on Meet the Press.

Also left out of the picture: that one of Obama’s main bundlers is a vice-president of none other than Bain Capital who is supporting the president for re-election. Knowing this, voters should easily be able to ask the president, “Why is it OK for you to get support and money from a current executive at Bain Capital, while it was wrong for Romney to have been with the firm years earlier?”

What really inflamed the president’s reelection team is that by his few words about equity funds, Booker destroyed the Obama campaign’s chief issue in their current effort to demonize Mitt Romney and destroy his chances for gaining the White House. With the huge audience Meet the Press gets -- far more than Steven Rattner got on Morning Joe -- Booker had the same effect one gets when sticking a filled balloon with a pin. In one fell swoop, the Obama campaign’s main claim was deflated.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when David Axelrod and Cory Booker sit down for a personal meeting. It won’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

Update: 5:30 pm EST.

See Alana Goodman's blog at Contentions for up-to-date information about Jonathan Lavine, Obama's man at Bain Capital, and the probability that he had actually a great deal to do with the closing of the Ampad plant that the Obama team features in its video about the horrible role played by Bain in taking away people's jobs. Moreover, Obama invited him and other Bain executives to the WH in2009 to urge them to invest in non-profits the administration was touting. Each day, the hypocrisy of the Obama administration is becoming more and more clear.