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Three American Professors: 'Useful Idiots' of the Tehran Regime

She seemed to think, evidently, that sanctions undercut dissent within Iran, and made Iranians turn “against the West” and thus unify "the country.” Of course, she seemed unaware that by the time she was there, and even before tough sanctions were in place, the regime already was crushing dissent and making it impossible to exist.

The participation of these three academics in an event heralded by our enemies in Tehran should teach us a few lessons. First, the tyrants in Iran welcome and support OWS, which they see as a social movement that helps their goal of weakening the United States. Two, the academics who willingly went to Tehran are playing a small part in legitimizing one of the most brutal governments that now exist, one that openly threatens to destroy Israel and then the United States. Finally, they provide living proof that although Communism for the most part is dead, useful idiots of tyrannies that do still hold power and endanger all of us still exist.

These useful idiots are exemplified by the three American professors who represented OWS in Tehran.


At the Huffington Post, Sohrab Ahmari, an Iranian-American author and opponent of the regime in Tehran, has a first rate article about their trip. He also discovered an incredibly stupid piece by Heather Gautney about the trip, that she published of all places on CNN's GPS website, the blog area of Fareed Zakaria's program.