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It's Here: A Review of the New iPad 3

3. The camera is also greatly improved, coming with a 5 megapixels rear camera for taking stills and movies. The front camera is the same as the second generation. That, of course, you will only be using for Face Time conversations with someone on the other side using an iPhone, computer or iPad. The photos come out sharp, as does video. However, from my brief experiment, you have to get used to holding it evenly to shoot a video that is even passable. I find it easier to do on my Nikon camera or on the iPhone, because of its smaller size.

4. I cannot comment on the fast 4G LT Network. I purchased the basic model, since Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere, and if I must get e-mail, I’ll continue to do so on my iPhone. But those who have tested it argue that it is much, much faster.

So, if you only have the first generation iPad, or none at all, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing it. So congratulations Apple, you’ve done it again. If only it was manufactured in the United States, and not in China’s FoxConn plant.