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The Times' Tabloid Trolling

Ritter, as we learned, had an internet handle of Delmarm4fun. Bai begins his article with excerpts of an internet chat Ritter thought he was having with a teen named Emily, but who turned out to be Ryan Venneman, a police officer in Barrett Township, Pennsylvania. The following exchange between Ritter and the cop is, I kid you not, from Bai’s article:

“Age?” delmarm4fun asked.


“Aha,” came the response. “New York or Pa.?”

A graphic flirtation ensued. At one point, delmarm4fun asked “Emily” again if she was 18.

“No, I’m 15,” Venneman replied.

“Aha,” delmarm4fun said again. “My bad.”

“What’s wrong?” Venneman asked.

“Didn’t realize you were 15. . . .”

“So why u don’t like me,” Venneman typed, mimicking an adolescent’s mangled syntax.

“I do, very much. LOL. Just don’t want any trouble.”

After about an hour of this, according to logs later presented in court, the man Venneman was talking to masturbated in front of a webcam and announced he was off to take a shower.

In other words -- and there are no other words to describe Scott Ritter -- he is a sick, very sick man. So why again, I ask, did the Times run this piece, and even ask Bai, their top political journalist, to write it?