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Romney Tells CPAC: I am the Real Conservative Choice!

Coulter mentioned only Newt Gingrich by name, obviously not wanting to inflame the base by attacking the man some say is the current front-runner, Rick Santorum. She told them:

You know how [Democrats] are going to run against our candidate, because it is the only way that they run against any Republican: Call them dumb or stupid. And there is one presidential candidate we have right now who frustrates both of those. That is Mitt Romney. You can't call him dumb. You can't call him crazy. You can call him square, and that seems to be what a lot of right-wingers don't like about him.

You ask them, “What is it?" Well, he's kind of a Ken doll, sort of stiff. I think we have had enough of hip. Hip has nearly wrecked the country. Let's try square for a while.

Turning to the audience for questions, one woman- obviously a skeptic-asked Coulter why they should trust Romney, since his own health care program in Massachusetts was similar in content. Coulter answered that Romney was firm that on day one he would repeal ObamaCare, and quipped: “If you can’t believe that, you might as well speculate: What if Obama starts reading Milton Friedman and becomes a free marketer? I guess it could happen,” she sarcastically noted.

She also reminded the audience that of all the candidates, he alone had the most tough and strongest position on illegal immigration, the second-most important issue for conservatives. If the issue was not faced, she pointed out, all of America would go the way of California, where Democrats always won.

“This is the future of the country,” she admonished the audience, “This is no time to be, ‘Oh, try this.’”

Her speech was a forthright and brave one to make in front of an audience many believed supported Santorum or Gingrich, and many of course backing Ron Paul as well. By sticking firmly to the point she has made in previous columns, such as one she headed “Re-Elect Obama:Support Newt!,” Coulter showed that she was not shy in making her argument as firmly as possible in front of many she may have suspected to be hostile.

It was a good afternoon for Coulter, and especially for Mitt Romney.