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The Dangers of Republican Disunity — a Gift to Barack Obama

Then there are the Ron Paulistas -- the young and the kooky who continue to give Paul credibility and backing, despite the various exposes of Paul’s past that have come out in the previous weeks. If his backers convince Paul to run as a third-party candidate, that alone will almost assure Romney’s defeat if he is the Republican nominee. Paul will not care; in his eyes, Romney is an imperialist hawk and a big-government liberal, and what he is concerned with is only increasing his own power in conservative circles. The only thing standing in the way of a Paul third-party run is his son Rand, who is a Republican senator and would find his own standing hurt if his father runs and seeks his support.

Some, like Lord Conrad Black, have written about the chance that the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, will be the one in which the delegates turn to someone else, a yet unknown candidate who will come out of the wings to assume the nomination. That would be the case if Romney does not have a sufficient majority to command respect, and delegates take their pledged votes from him to cast them instead for the newcomer -- say Jeb Bush, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Marco Rubio -- or whomever it might be.

I personally think Lord Black’s scenario is unlikely to take place, and would if anything even further hurt the Republican Party’s chance to regain the White House.

What will hurt its chance and will cheer the heart of the Obama team are the Republican and conservative cat fights, which might serve to tear down what should be a united effort to save our country and bring to Washington a new administration. As they turn their barbs against each other in the forthcoming debate tonight, tomorrow morning on Meet the Press, and in the future, they should pause to think of how their words will come to haunt them in the post-Labor Day campaign for the presidency.