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The Meaning of the OWS Day of Protest

Looking at the photos of the demonstrators, it looks like a group primarily composed of 20 and 30 year olds, with a smattering of old 1960 veterans looking to recapture the moment of their youth and their long-abandoned revolutionary zeal. This, I think, explains the unmitigated support given to the OWS by people like Todd Gitlin, the left-wing historian Mark Naison, and others.

It did not help their cause when the police arrested one widely televised protestor, who swore that Molotov cocktails would be thrown in the window of Macy’s, and that they would stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The man was evidently charged with incitement to terrorism.

The big question is whether or not the Democrats will continue to endorse the sentiment and cause of OWS. It seems that Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who first endorsed the protestors, has just refused to sign an “Occupy Harvard OWS” statement. Clearly, Warren was worried that her previous endorsement might hurt her chances of winning against Scott Brown in the next election.

As regular Americans watch OWS’s increasingly raucous and counter-productive actions, their cause will stop being viewed as one that expresses the real views of 99 percent of the country. Americans will see that these views of perhaps the 10 percent or less who represent only the far Left whose members believe in causes of the past -- reactionary causes like socialism and communism. Thursday’s antics are good proof of what they really want for our nation.

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