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Chris Christie's Continual Tease: Will He Enter the Race for the Republican Nomination?

Few, however, can doubt the eloquence or power of Chrstie's words:

Today, the biggest challenge we must meet is the one we present to ourselves. To not become a nation that places entitlement ahead of accomplishment. To not become a country that places comfortable lies ahead of difficult truths. To not become a people that thinks so little of ourselves that we demand no sacrifice from each other. We are a better people than that; and we must demand a better nation than that.

Contrasting his demand with the stance of President Barack Obama, Christie accused the president of preparing “to divide our nation to achieve re-election.”

There are, of course, many serious mitigating factors that would haunt candidate Christie were he to enter. These have been pointed out forcefully by our colleagues at National Review, in an online article by Daniel Foster. He notes the following issues that Christie would have to immediately address:

  • His position on gay marriage.
  • His support of gun control and opposition to the NRA position.
  • His appointment of Judge Sohail Mohammed, who appears rather soft on the issue of the dangers of radical Islam.
  • His belief that illegal immigration is not a crime.
  • And some environmental positions not in tune with many conservatives.

Some of these that Foster point to, however, could help him in swing states and among independent voters, even though many in the conservative base of the Republican Party would not be happy. Yet some of these same conservatives supported Rudy Giuliani in polls taken in 2008, despite the former New York mayor’s equally weak social conservatism.

Nevertheless, my hunch is that the reports that Christie may be considering a run are accurate. Why else would he give this particular address tonight at the Reagan Library? Christie is probably aware that a good chance exists he will not win re-election as governor of New Jersey, and that if he does not take the bait for a presidential run now, his time for it will be over forever. His wife has said that she is sure he would make a good president; others are pressuring him to enter, and he has been visited by scores of people with big bucks making clear that were he to enter, fund-raising would not be a problem.

Whatever his ultimate decision, and the guessing game he is putting us all through, the race for the Republican nomination is getting more interesting each passing day.