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In Praise of Glenn Beck: He Does the Job Everyone Else Ignores

Glenn Beck knows the difference between good and evil. One of the themes he has emphasized has been the affinity of sections of the international and U.S. left-wing with radical Islamists, and he has pointed to the role played by Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers in the forthcoming pro-Hamas flotilla scheduled for this June. Today’s New York Times reports that when another flotilla sails this month for Israel, it will include a ship carrying 34 Americans, including the noted African-American writer, Alice Walker. The ship will be named “The Audacity of Hope,” ironically lifting their title from President Obama’s own memoir, and obviously meant to show the president how he inspired them to act against Israel.

The story reveals that the American members are being organized by Leslie Cagan, whom the paper simply identifies as “a political organizer.” As usual, the Times story seeks to put Cagan in the best light possible. It would be far more accurate to call her an extremist of the far Left fringe in our country, as the entry on Discover the Networks shows in great detail:

Cagan was an original founder of the Committees of Correspondence, a splinter group rooted in the Communist Party USA (of which Cagan is a longtime member). A strong supporter of Fidel Castro, she proudly aligns her politics with those of Communist Cuba.

During the 1980s and 90s she was a leader of the Communist front group, the U.S. Peace Council, which was dedicated to defending and promoting Soviet aims in foreign policy.

Sometime around those years, I was pitted against her on a PBS TV talk show. I recall that the subject was the nuclear freeze that was so popular in that time. Cagan vigorously defended Soviet policy as anti-war, and blasted the U.S. for imperialism and warmongering. In 2003, Cagan chaired the International ANSWER anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., and heralded the Workers World Party’s leadership of it, and what she called “the hard-core left’s” leadership of the movement.

So now Cagan is joining her comrades Ayers and Dohrn for this new venture, supported as well by the left-wing lawyer Michael Ratner, president of the very misnamed Center for Constitutional Rights -- the main legal supporter of terrorists and their backers in our country. What all these people are doing was explained correctly by an Israeli spokesman, Noam Katz, who called it “a political statement in order to support Hamas in Gaza.” For Cagan and company to compare themselves to the Freedom Riders who fought segregation in the 1960s is an affront to that cause and to its participants, and is typical of the kind of propaganda in which they regularly engage.

How sad that so many supporting the cause of terror and radical Islam are themselves Jews, who betray their faith and the heritage of their fathers and mothers and who reveal that the only cause they serve with fervor is that of international leftism and revolution, now in the service of radical Islam and those who seek to destroy Israel.

So kudos to Glenn Beck for pointing these things out daily, and for devoting his last months on Fox News to gathering support for the state of Israel.