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Are We Facing an Iranian Missile Crisis? The Dereliction of our Media

Now, not only does this agreement mean that Iran is a threat to our national security, but that its ally in our own hemisphere is as well. Hugo Chavez can appear to many to be an inconsequential laughing stock, a Castro-like figure living in a dream world of 1960s revolutionary rhetoric -- but his alliance with the mullahs, and the existence of uranium in Venezuela that Iran desperately needs, gives him the ability to be much more of a local nuisance.

So one must wonder what response the Obama administration is preparing. To date, little coverage of this planned missile placement in Venezuela has appeared in the mainstream press. Is our country going to wait until the missiles are in place and the infrastructure is created in Venezuela for Chavez to provide the place for terrorist cells to lie in waiting until they are called into action?

Will President Obama proceed to make it clear -- as John F. Kennedy did when he confronted the Soviets -- that the placement of Iranian missiles in Venezuela is something the United States is not going to allow, and that such placement will be considered a hostile act that could make the likelihood of a major war more than likely? Or will President Obama make one of his “outreach” speeches in which he seeks to understand the motivation and outlook of Hugo Chavez, and tell the tin-pot tyrant that he has now read the leftist books he handed Obama a few years ago, and then urge him to engage in constructive negotiations that will persuade Chavez to not plant the missiles on Venezuelan soil?

Should Obama adopt the latter stance, he will quickly find that Hugo Chavez would find any call to withdraw the agreement his regime has signed with Iran an affront to the “Bolivarian socialist revolution” he has proclaimed. Chavez would only be inflamed to further escalate the dangerous situation.

Clearly, the time for the United States to make known its firm opposition to Iranian missiles in Venezuela is now, not a few years hence when they are already operational. But first, our country must be informed that Iran and Venezuela have such plans in mind. That means all our news outlets must join Die Welt in reports of their own.