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Jeffrey Sachs' Vicious Attack on Victor Davis Hanson Goes on "Morning Joe" Without Condemnation. Joe and MSNBC Must Apologize!

The answer: absolutely nothing, but move on to the next point as if Sachs had never spoken these words. Sachs has accused the estimable historian of causing us to get into more wars than anybody else in America, and of being an extremist, and all Scarborough could come up with is a lame joke about Hanson not being on his Christmas card list.

Sachs’ over the top and vicious comment about Victor Davis Hanson should not be left to something that just happened. Protests should be lodged with MSNBC’s “looking forward” management, and Hanson should immediately be invited on to talk about politics and history in the near future. And Scarborough and MSNBC should be asked to publicly apologize to both Hanson and to Morning Joe’s viewers.


To post a complaint on the program's website, please go to this link and present your comment. If enough people do this, our voices might actually be heard. Thanks. Ron


Scroll through the choices box and pick "Morning Joe." If you do not do this it will not work.