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Merriment at the NYT: Visit the Marxist Center for Real Fun!

We also learn that the director of the Marxist center, a 34-year-old New Yorker, “is a child of mainline Democrats, but Mr. Balagun said he was attracted to Marxism because it offered ‘a way to understand the world, and understand how the world could be different.’” Not so surprising; some would say in these days it’s a rather short ride from being a mainline Democrat to a fringe Marxist.

I suppose people like Mr. Balagun and plenty of his friends name their children after famous Marxists; with first names like Ninel (Lenin backwards), or even Che, or Leon, or Fidel. Yes, the truth is I know plenty of people who have done just that. Recall “Chesa Boudin,” the birth name of the child born to Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert who was raised by Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers while the birth parents were in jail. That kid did fine. He wrote a book about his wonderful time with Hugo Chavez, after getting a coveted Rhodes fellowship.

Compare how he was treated with the poor young kid in New Jersey whose parents named him after Adolf Hitler, and ordered a cake with his name on it for his birthday. The child was promptly removed from his home by social services. The kid who had Che as his name was only given honor after honor and a path to Yale and onwards. Good thing the Weather Underground leaders only served Marx and Lenin instead of Hitler and Mussolini.

But don’t worry. We are assured that “no test of ideological purity is administered at the door.” So when you are in NYC, you too can go to the Brecht Forum whenever you please. Just tell them when you arrive with your Tea Party slogans and banners that the New York Times assures you that “even the rare Republican is welcome.” However, when you ask for free admission, since the article says that admission is based on whatever “visitors say what they can afford,” remember that the gatekeeper will not believe that any conservative is anything but very wealthy. So you will undoubtedly be assessed a high tax, so that your wealth is immediately redistributed to those who run the Marxist center. But then, do you really want to attend forums like “Child Welfare From the Crack Era to the Age of Obama”?

I guess only one conclusion can be reached. Conservatives have no sense of humor, and don’t want to have a really fun evening.