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A Misguided Attack on Stanley Kurtz's 'Radical-in-Chief' and Other anti-Obama Books

Yes, I think it is true that there is a strong case to be made against the Obama administration, but that  “accusing him of being a Manchurian candidate out to undermine the Constitution and replace it with Communism isn't one of them.” And that is why it is somewhat of a real slander to list Kurtz’s new book -- which most clearly Avlon has not even looked at aside from its cover -- with many on his list.

I would add in addition that this goes as well for others on his list of what he thinks are all bad books, including the two short essays in the Encounter Books series by Joshua Muravchik and Michael Ledeen, which contain strong and solid arguments critical of the administration and its policies.

Avlon is particularly upset that according to polls, 55% of Americans think Obama is a socialist. He says this is a result of how Obama has been unfairly painted by the books he is writing about. But if he takes the time to read Stanley Kurtz’s volume, he will find, much to his dismay, that the conclusion is anything but far-fetched.

My advice to John Avlon is simple: Don’t judge a book by its cover or its title. Before you attack any of them, you might consider reading them first. Then you have a right to ask people to pay attention to your case against them.