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Not in Our Name: The 'One Nation' March — Today's Trade Unions and the Left

As Schultz saw things, it was the corporations that were holding down “the working man of America.” They want to ship American jobs overseas, he argued, and keep all the profit and money for themselves. It did not occur to Schultz, evidently, that protectionist trade policies would only decrease jobs at home, spur a trade war, increase prices, and even more quickly produce a new economic downturn -- with a result of even less jobs at home.

As Trzupek points out, however, the conservative opponents of Obama do not shill for the corporations. They not only “distrust corporate America,” but “understand that businesses large and small must be held accountable for their actions and that government should do its best to maintain a level playing field. The Left’s wild assertion that conservatives -- and it should be noted that twice as many Americans associate themselves with the right than they do the Left -- favor unchecked corporate greed over their own well-being is patently ridiculous. Those same Americans are stockholders in corporations, their retirement accounts depend on the continued profitability of those corporations and their jobs, to a large extent, depend on maintaining a free market economy that allows corporations large and small to thrive.”

Like the old union leaders, they know that a market economy is their friend -- not their enemy.

Not only was this rally divisive and one that could never unite America, but scores of its participants openly made clear their hatred for this country.  That is why John Avlon is correct when he calls his column about the march “Left-wing Crazies Take Their Turn.”  The rally, he writes, “offered a snapshot of the fragile coalition that is the contemporary far left — a dizzying array of activist organizations and identity politics, with financial muscle provided by the labor unions who bused their members in.” Just take a look at who is part of this “coalition,” -- groups such as the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Council for La Raza, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, the communist International Answer anti-war group, Code Pink, the Apollo Alliance, the old CP front the US Peace Council, the Democratic Socialists of America, the far left International Socialist Organization, the split from the CP, the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, and yes -- the Communist Party USA!

I can see Reuther and John L. Lewis and Philip Murray rising up from their graves, and shouting at Ed Schultz: “Not in Our Name!” They would concur with Avlon’s judgment that “this rally provided plenty of evidence the Wingnuts on the loony left are alive and well.” Signs that were displayed included such as “End all U.S.  Aid to the racist state of Israel,” “Fund Jobs. Not Israel,” “Yes We Can: Bomb Civilians,”  with more signs from International Answer than any other group. And yes, they gave it to Obama from the Left, holding signs like “Stop Obama’s Wars” and “Mr. Obama: End These Fucking Wars Now,” as a sign from Veterans for Peace had it.

Gone are the days when such groups would be forbidden to be part of a labor-led coalition. That today they are not only welcomed, but urged to take part, indicates how isolated and far removed from the people today’s labor leaders are.  The leaders' obviously false claims that their march had as many participants as the Beck march simply add insult to injury, since anyone can see how false that claim is.

If the One Nation march is now the face of the united left in this country, it is rather clear that the Tea Party and conservatives in general do not have much to worry about from their movement.