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ObamaCare, Castro, and the Future of our Health Care

Well, the administration has an answer for our friend and others like her: the new federally funded health clinics which, as the Wall Street Journal reported today, “are set to play an even larger role in the revamped health-care landscape.” These clinics are meant for the rural poor and inner-city residents, who will walk in  be “charged based on their ability to pay.”  The poorly trained doctor who will work there, or most likely a physician’s assistant, will be fine to use if one has a sore throat or simple problem. But if you have a  serious medical problem that requires a major Board Certified specialist, good luck! You will get the type of treatment the average Cuban gets in one of Fidel’s hospitals. No wonder he fled his country when he needed a specialist.

These new clinics, the socialist senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, noted, “could be the future of primary health care in America.” Bernie doesn’t have to worry. The Senate exempted themselves from being part of the new health care reform, and Bernie will still be able to use the Senate’s own very fine choice of health care providers. But the new clinics will in fact be how and where many of the 30 million uninsured will now be treated.  Leftists and liberals who support the program can now have a clear conscience -- everyone will get medical care -- but their own families, when they find their own doctors will not accept Medicare, will be forced, if they can, to pay big bucks for the treatment they expect and think that they deserve.

An old historian friend Martin J. Sklar put it in a letter I received today this way;  ObamaCare furthers a  “party-state-command system,” one that creates a “parasitic unproductive ‘public sector’- capitalism masquerading as ‘reform,’ ‘social justice,’ ‘socialism’: the new feudalism.” He concludes that the bill marks what he thinks is a crisis of our constitutional “order both in procedure and in substance."  Sklar even thinks- a judgement which I do share- that the American system initiated by Obama could evolve into a "proto-fascist tyranny, American style." These are indeed worrisome fears from a brilliant American historian that perhaps are too pessimistic. I truly hope that Sklar is wrong. But the policies of the Obama administration should give us pause.