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The Media's War Against Liz Cheney

Michelle Cottle in TNR has launched her own  attack against Cheney.  Apparently the arguments of her editor- in- chief, or the strong arguments on the same website by historian Jeffrey Herf  have had little effect.  Calling Bill Kristol “an appalling jackass,” she goes on to claim media types are easy on Cheney, “because she’s a sweet looking blonde chick.” Had a man written that, it would be slammed as sexist tripe. 

What upset her, evidently, is that on “Morning Joe,” both Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski did take Cheney seriously, or as Cottle calls it, “fawned shamelessly over her.”  To Cottle, Cheney is simply a “baby-faced blonde … fighting for an aging, ailing daddy's honor.” Under this veneer, she writes, she is really “a particularly dangerous combination of sweet-as-sugar looks and savage instincts.”

 Actually, as anyone who has met Ms. Cheney knows, she is a knowledgeable and serious advocate of a tough foreign policy that she believes needs to be articulated and fought for. One can disagree with her, but to date, the critics have not done this. 

You can’t win with liberal supporters of a weak dovish foreign policy, especially if you are a woman. We’re familiar with their attacks on Sarah Palin, whom they accuse of being a know-nothing, uneducated, unprepared, right-wing partisan.  Liz Cheney obviously knows her stuff, is prepared and educated, and certainly does not need to be brought up to speed.  She has five children, still manages to function as a serious spokesman for a new foreign policy, and is good looking and charming. 

Of course, their real fear is that before long, Liz Cheney will run for a major national office. What could be worse--an attractive, articulate female conservative with knowledge and guts, running for office.  For the Dowds and Cottles of the world, this woman must be brought down.