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Andrew Sullivan's Bust: The Real Issue

As one journalist commented, and I paraphrase him, Sullivan has backed the Obama stimulus, and universal health care, becoming what this man calls “a shameless publicist for the administration.” Another journalist spoke to a friend who works in the office of the U.S. Attorney, and got this response from one of the attorneys:

The judge is spot on.  In fact, these sorts of misdemeanors are typically handled by 3rd yr. law students, detailees  from main Justice, or the new guy on the totem pole, with no review by meaningful scrutiny by senior management.  This sort of treatment is nothing short of extraordinary.  All criminal charges go through screening by management, but misdemeanors don't get attention, except to see if there's a potential felony.  This is paradigmatic of special pleading--and successful.

Finally, one journalist quipped: “As for the potential sentence: ‘The maximum penalty upon conviction of  the offense is a fine of $5,000, six months imprisonment, a $25 processing fee and a $10 special assessment.’ The $25 processing fee strikes me as excessive.”  I would add the $10 special assessment.

No, and hold the complaints -- I don’t want Andrew Sullivan to face a problem gaining citizenship because he chose to smoke pot on a forbidden federal beach. I think the drug laws should be changed, and anyone found engaging in this “crime” should find the charges dismissed, if even the culprit is arrested.  What the marijuana does to his body is between himself and his health.

But the implications of his special treatment are important. And Sullivan, who blogs about everything, to this moment (4:30 pm East Coast Time) has not said one word about the situation on his own blog, although it is all over the internet.

So come on Andrew. Fess up. Give us the backstory, before we hear it on Glenn Beck.